‚ÄčLala Phezulu

(sleep on top)

Lala Phezulu 2018

Once again Lala Phezulu was hosted at Viditos and it was so great to meet all of you and of course to catch up with familiar faces. Thank you all of you for joining us and making this event totally awesome, dates are booked for next year so add it to your calendar JULY 12th 2019
Rod graciously made beer again, thanks Rod as always your beer is fantastc!

Live acoustic music on Sat evening was played by David Chamberland who is a local musician from Bear River, David you were the star!

Halifax Live105 joined as did nova scotia bushcraft!

Prizes were won and the Fire challenge for a gstove was a total hoot and the rope pulling contest was awesome too!

The river and pool were enjoyed by young and old, dogs and a kitten :-)

We had a customer drive all the way from BC thank you Lynn you rock girl!